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Beard-washing Exfoliating Paste - 250ml

Beard-washing Exfoliating Paste - 250ml

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The secret formula of Bullfrog barbershops, ideal for deeply cleansing your beard and obtaining a shiner, softer and neater look. Inspired by hand-washing pastes used in factories, it is perfect as a preparatory treatment for a full beard reshaping service carried out in a salon. The exfoliating particles used are softening and hydrosoluble grains of sugar: the beard thus becomes softer and rinsing is particularly easy. The formula contains a special plant-based anti-odour ingredient, perfect for helping rid the beard of the smell of food or smoke.

How to use
Apply a walnut-sized amount of the product once or twice a week to wet beard and face. Massage using circular movements and rinse with plenty of water Hypoallergenic: formulated to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions.

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