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Black Tobacco Eau De Parfum 100ml

Black Tobacco Eau De Parfum 100ml

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Womo presents The Black Collection, the collection inspired by black, the most noble colour of all. Thanks to its evocative ability, black is able to arouse various intense emotions. Translated into a fragrance, the concept of "noir" becomes a surprising and fascinating tale that embellishes the character of whoever wears it, and inevitably, makes an impact. Each eau de parfum in the collection is unique, intense and has high longevity The intensity of a bold gesture. The daring of a single glance. It is in its essence to talk about him: pure, determined, strong-willed. Enveloped in a deep and persistent base, Black Tobacco draws inspiration from a blend of five valuable tobaccos aged in whisky barrels, and reveals a sweet, gentle and sumptuous heart. A charming concentration for a fragrance ideal for a man who does not fear his rivals.

100 ml size

Top notes: Honey, coriander, tobacco leaf

Middle notes: Tolu balsam, vanilla, cacao

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