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Eau de Parfum Bullfrog SECRET POTION n.3

Eau de Parfum Bullfrog SECRET POTION n.3

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A new chapter in the Secret Potion saga. Secret Potion No.3 is a bold, brave and booming fragrance, a reflection of freedom and travelling. The evocation of the wind that blows and the sandy ground that sits against a motorbike wheel. A man in leathers, on his motorbike, the start of the journey, the hot, rumbling engine, the road already travelled and the road still to travel. Secret Potion No.3 seeks to transcribe a man's passion for his motorbike into a fragrance. The rush of wind on his face as he sets off, the roar of the hot engine after a long journey and the sandy ground on a dirt road are the most recognizable recollections of the fragrance, even though its formula remains a secret.

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