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Energizing Scalp Lotion

Energizing Scalp Lotion

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The Energising Scalp Lotion is a fluid with a rich formula and a pleasantly soft and evanescent texture by Bullfrog. The combination of selected active ingredients and the correct application method makes the tomato scalp lotion effective in maintaining a healthy and fresh sculp and, by going into contact with the hair, also exerts its beneficial and protective properties on it. A new ally to protect your hair from the hairdryer, enlighten it and activate thescalp micro-circulation: don't miss the scalp lotion by Bullfrog.

How to use
Thanks to the special trichological dispenser, it is easy to apply the product directly on the scalp. It is necessary to rub with fingers, exercising an energetic massage on the scalp for at least one minute. Finally, simply let it dry, without rinsing.

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